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Stress is one of the major killers , in our lives today. Can it be conquered ?

We offer a practical and absolutely easy way to tackle stress in whatever situation , you find yourselves in.

The modules under this program are

WORKSHOP & RETREAT MODULESKey points covered in the module
TAI CHI ( Chinese energy movements )Basic principles How to integrate body and mind How to increase energy Simple stress busters
THOUGHT PATTERN & COMMUNICATIONSUnderstanding the sequence Identify 4 key communication errors Identify key thought pattern Anchoring
SPACE MANAGEMENT & DE CLUTTERINGBecoming aware of the power of clutter The science of de –cluttering Guided de cluttering for one of your spaces
MINDFULNESS & GROUNDINGMost powerful balance technique The science of mindfulness Guided 20 minute mindfulness
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