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FAQ Fitness for life

Fitness for life , encompasses the major areas in our lives , which lead to a healthy, wholesome and enriched life.This particular module is very useful , to people in all walks of life ,to discover what is missing in their lives

WORKSHOP & RETREAT MODULESKey points covered in the module
POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGYLatest research findings Analysis of personal strengths Dos and Don’ts in the path to success Real time application of a success tool
TAI CHI ( Chinese energy movements )Basic principles How to integrate body and mind How to increase energy Simple stress busters
CREATIVE VISUALISATIONBasic principles Dos and Don’ts Personal examples Guided visualization
THOUGHT PATTERN & COMMUNICATIONSUnderstanding the sequence Identify 4 key communication errors Identify key thought pattern Anchoring
TIME & LIFE PLANNINGAlignment of your life and goals Identify the 4 circles in your life The power of no-hassles planning Guided planning for 1 or your goals
SPACE MANAGEMENT & DE CLUTTERINGBecoming aware of the power of clutter The science of de –cluttering Guided de cluttering for one of your spaces
WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & NUTRITIONBare –bones nutrition Personal examples Eat what you like, without guilt Integrate diet and life
MINDFULNESS & GROUNDINGMost powerful balance technique The science of mindfulness Guided 20 minute mindfulness

No! It consists of simple techniques that everybody can practice

Minimum 18 yrs. Maximum, no age limit. If you can physically attend the workshop, you are most welcome!

You can be happy right now, if you want to! However if you practice all the techniques diligently you will start seeing transformation in yourself by 42 days

It requires determination and conviction to do the right things.

No. We have adapted different ideas from various sources and applied them in own lives to see how easy and applicable they are. And then only we have suggested them in our workshop.

For workshops we charge Rs 7,500 per person for one day ( which includes tea, lunch, and course materials ) For Retreats it is Rs 15,000 per person and Rs 25,000 for a couple ( includes 2 lunches, 1 bonfire dinner, breakfast, tea, course materials) Accommodation can be arranged at extra cost.

Workshop lasts for 1 day and has 4 basic modules, which lays the foundation of happiness. A retreat lasts for 2 days and has 3 additional modules which cover all the adjuvants of happiness. Harmony session with nature also is included

Yes. At 6 weeks, 6 months and 1 yr following the course, we will send you feedback forms and you can send your progress information and queries if any.

These techniques are universal, but we would suggest that you perfect your happiness state before teaching others. Also some of these steps require experience, tact and skill to teach

4 basic modules in the workshop, and if you desire 3 additional modules in the retreats

No. Just come with an open mind!

This is not a medical or therapeutic workshop. You will have to meet the appropriate health care provider.

No. The purpose of this workshop is to increase your happiness potential. It has no effect on your memory or concentration.

If you can physically attend the workshop, it is good enough!

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